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Molecule Asia: Men’s & Women’s Cargo Pants & Shorts

I recently came in contact with Molecule Asia, a firm dealing in Men's & Women's Cargo Pants and Shorts. They carry Shorts, Pants, Skirts, Shirts and Accessories. There are a host of sub-categorizes under each main tab, so feel free to explore the site! The reason this site intrigued me is two-fold. For one, we wore similar Cargo style pants in the Air Force. Secondly, all my son wears during the summer months is Cargo Shorts.

DRIFIRE Fire Retardent Wear

Just before Christmas, a representative from DRIFIRE Fire Retardant Wear, asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their products. Not that I use fire retardant wear or have worn such products, but I am always happy to review anything dealing with the military.

Product Review: PX Supply

Yesterday, I received a package I had been expecting from PX SUPPLY. Although I knew what was inside, I was excited to see the products. They were actually hats, three different styles that I as an old Air Force guy wanted, to show my support an pride for the younger generation, now serving. More on the hats in a bit.